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>> moore had one previous child neglect case. police were called after her 22-month-old sons were found wandering. they were wearing only diapers. moore was found asleep in a nearby camper and the the toddlers were placed in protective custodies, the boys don't live at the home. they have been charged with felony child abuse. >> the little girls remain in protective custoddy. the disaster in japan is growing more dire. plutonium is leaking from the power plant. this could signal that reactor number three suffered a breech
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after the earthquake earlier this month. officials say small amounts of plutonium were found and doesn't pose a risk to humans. local authorities are testing the area. authorities stress that it is not a risk to drinking wall. in virginia, water showed no sign. authorities are urging people not to drink rain water. a lot of people are concerned about the cherry blossoms. >> they will be fine. they wear little coats. yes, they are invisible, they will be fine. >> i was wondering how they kept up so l. >> they are refrigerated. at the tidal basin, it is above
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30. upper 20s to 30 degree mark. elsewhere, we have temperatures in the teens, high pressure over us now, coming down from the grate lakes and evening canada, it is cold from the carolinas to new england. clouds coming in from the midwest. we will see those as we get through the the day. by 9:00, in the upper 30s, by mid afternoon, should be by 50 degrees. a good day to get out and enjoy the cherry blossoms, they are at peak now. we could have precipitation by this time tomorrow morning. how is traffic? >> good morning. a lot of overnight construction. in the process of being picked up. 395 northbound, leaving the
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beltway, should find lanes open. regular and h.o.v. to and across the 14th street bridge. the inner loop has come up from tysons corner. there has been road work. outer look is okay. wilson bridge, no worries there. the travel lanes are opened. as we have been saying, construction between springfield, tyson'ses corner. back to you. secretary of state clinton is going to meet to step up aid to
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war-torn areas. >> president obama will use telephone air waves to defend h his using the military. the president said they helped without putting troops on the ground. >> we had a unique ability to stop that violence. an international mandate for auction, a brought coalition prepared to join us. the support of arab countries and a plea for help from the libyan people themselves. >> the obama administration
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requested that ban remain in place until the pentagon retrains troops, don't ask, don't tell was repealed in december. until the pentagon recognizes t gays can be discharged from the military. several bills that would push mortgage giants out of business. the gop is looking to use eight separate bills. many fear one large bill would not get traction, lenders are leary of picking up fanny and freddie slack. the bills would face a fight from rooseveltors, and mortgage bankers who oppose doing away with the mortgage giants.
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the first serious attack on the national mall, two masked men attempted to rob a man in broad daylight as the tourist season gets underway. >> it makes me think twice, absolutely. if you notice, i am looking around. >> during the cherry blossom season with thousands of tourists on national mall, many were surprised to learn that a man was attacked in broad daylight. he was followed into this walk way between the museum and the smithsonian castle. two men in ski masks pushed the man in his 50s to the ground. >> at that point, they rifled through his pockets, when they didn't find anything, they fled the scene. >> reporter: the two suspects got away, they were last seen
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fleeing westbound on independence avenue. this police officer from louisiana said, even on vacation, he is on alert. >> you always, with mids, i am aware of my surroundings. >> any time there is a crime against a person, we will take that crime seriously and investigate it diligently. >> reporter: police will look at surveillance video from the many surveillance buildings around this area. if you saw anything related to this attempted robbery call 202610-8737. on the national mall, news 4 today. >> new from overnight, police are investigating a shooting, officers responded at 10:15 last
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night. they found the victim to twho w taken to the hospital where he died. crews were called to california street around midnight. no reports of damage. >> it is walwart versus one and a half million women. it goes to the supreme court today. >> what happened to this plane? >> today cou
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a clear and cold start. elsewhere, it is dipped below freezing in many locations, except near the beltway, we have a clear sky, thanks to high pressure pushing down from canada. we have an area of low pressure spreading clouds into the midwest. those will begin to approach us by later this afternoon, between now and then, a lot of sunshine. the sunrise this morning, a bit before 7:00. sunset, 7:30. overnight, cloudy, by this time
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tomorrow, we can get chilly rain, maybe even wet snow flakes, yes, i said it maybe tomorrow morning. i will show you the forecast. and big changes on the way for the rest of the week and the weekend. that will be coming up in a few minutes. they are turning on me. >> what is happen wg traffic. >> i ain't gonna save you. >> you know, you can't blame tom. montgomery county village, construction on the northbound side, that should be moving along. and the trip on the beltway, virginia, big construction zone, it looks like the roads are open. and if you are planning to travel through the interchange, all travel lanes are open. >> 4:42, 35 degrees. still to come, which d.c. staple will
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soon be under new ownership. >> we know more about what led to the shooting of a local delivery man.
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welcome back, today, the world's large est case, wage an gender discrimination. how they judge this case will affect it. >> this is a case that started small in california, six female employees who sued saying wal-mart gave their male coworkers better pay and more promotions, this case exploded.
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it could be the largest job discrimination lawsuit ever. they represent nearly 1.5 million women who work for wal-mart who said they were under similar circumstances, now that case reached the u.s. supreme court. they aren't decided whether or not wal-mart discriminated. they are deciding whether or not all the women can sue together. >> what implications could this have? >> think about big oil, think about tobacco, all the companies are watching very carefully. two dozen briefs filed by organizations and other groups who feel they have a stake or interest in the outcome here. if the court decides that all of these women can sue wal-mart together, you are talking about what could have huge implications for other industries as well, when it comes to dealing with their own employees.
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>> thank you, tracy. two more people in the hospital after what has turned out to be a violent start to the week. the two men were shot in southern avenue on the prince george's county line. police say one of the victims was shot in the foot, the other in the side. both are expected to survive. at this point, police don't have a motive or a lookthe out for suspects. we are learning that one of the shootings that started off this week was a set up. police say they believe the delivery man's killers waited for him to exit the car, took the pizza, wings and $13 in cash. >> i see the news flash, it said somebody got killed delivering
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pizza. as a mother instinct, i felt it. >> bennett leaves behind a son who turns one on friday. >> soon it may be illegal to smoke in common areas, any indoor residential space, hallways, or laudry rooms. the hearing is scheduled for may 5th. what kind of economic shape that prince george's county is in right now. the state of the prince george's county address. tonight at the university of maryland, it will show development projects in the counties, hundreds of political leaders and business leaders are scheduled to attend. >> let it be said, we met the
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challenges as one city. mayor gray received a standing ovation when he delivered his first state of the district, at easton high school, he did not address criticisms. the city has been faulted on spending too much money for suvs and salaries. he said he takes the city's trust seriously, and he will work swiftly if that trust is violated. it will accommodate 200 new employees. president obama is headed to new york city, he will attend a dedication. he will speak at two events, in
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harlem. one is a fundraiser that expected to raise $1.5 million. the official souvenir egg, the 2011 easter egg roll this year's egg, purple, pink, yellow and green. they were made by certified hard wood. they will be given to all the children who attend the easter egg roll at the white house. you can purchase one at their website. today is the first day that blossoms will be in full bloom. the bloom period will last until this friday. the entire festival, that takes
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place is not over until april tenth. the parade takes place on saturday, april 9th. you see confident. >> yes, cameras are required. you are not allowed in unless you have a camera. >> beautiful sight. despite the cold, the cherry blossoms are gorgeous. yes, it is another cold start, not as cold as yesterday morning. it is in the mid 30s in prince george's county, fairfax near freezing, and near freezing in montgomery county. most areas in virginia, near 30. and out in the mountains of west virginia, only in the teens this morning, and around chesapeake bay, it is in the upper 20s away from the waters. over the last 12 hours, high pressure pushing down from canada, clear skies, we do have
4:52 am
clouds nblg the midwest associated with a weak area of low pressure. this will be passing right through our region here tomorrow. bringing us a bit of wet snow tomorrow, and maybe some rain as well. mixing in. there is the sky over the washington monument now it is clear. live picture, by 9:00, sunny. sunrise before 7:00, earlier and earlier, near 50 by mid afternoon. then clouds increasing by 5:00. down into the upper 40s by then. by late evening, here is your night planner. mid 40s, and upper 30s tomorrow morning. chilly rain, maybe even a few wet snow flakes, west and north of interstate 95. tomorrow morning, and off and on during the day, a few wet snow flakes, any accumulation may be a brief dusting. otherwise, some chilly rain tomorrow. then on thursday, opening day
4:53 am
for the nationals, cloudy. that game may be postponed, with showers, drying out and for the weekend, finally, it looks like a dry weekend. could get more rain on monday. >> traffic, pretty well this morning, picking up volume. headed for downtown, toward the bridges, south capital street, everything looking okay. branch avenue and pennsylvania avenue, the overnight work there has been wrapped up. i 95 to rockville pike, moving along nicely. from the west, light volume so far. those of you who take the popular d.c. circularity buses may soon be paying double. they are considering a price of
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one to two dollars per ride. the proposed fare hike could bring in an extra $ million a year. a meeting at thursday 6:00, capital hilton hotel. there will soon be a new chain of stores selling the ipad 2, radio shack. the chosen stores have been told to expect the device. no word yet on when the stores will get their deliveries. the second generation ipad has sold out in many stores. the well known politics book store will soon be under new ownership. bradley gram and lisa musateen.
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>> it will the first book store. >> we are glad that new ownership will stay with it longer. >> since they are journists, maybe other journists will get discounts. >> the royal bride to be hits the town. the details from kate middleton's top secret bachelorette party.
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the fbi and u.s. airways are trying to determine what caused a hole in an airplane. the pilot found the hole in a preflight inspection in charlotte. the plane arrived earlier in the day. it was taken out of service. the hole was found in the main body that holds the passengers and crew. >> full body scanners do not pose a radiation risk. flyers would have to undergo 50 body scans to get the radiation
4:59 am
of a dental x-ray. the testers said they would be willing to send their own children through the scanners. >> the royal wedding is one month away. britain's stamps have been released. at buckingham palace, they are preparing for the reception. they are polishing the glassware, and priceless pantings for guests to enjoy. >> british reporters are reporting a low key event bachelorette party with a couple of girls at a friend's

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